Denim & Linen Tabletop Ideas by Elephant Ceramics

Two words people..."linen"&"denim". Why? It's timeless, tactile and natural. Find inspiration from Elephant Ceramics designed by Michelle Micheal, a home design editor and prop stylist. Working with organic shapes Michelle incorporates the texture of traditional homespun linen into the clay. Her painterly approach to glazing each piece by dripping, pouring, and brushing, combining transparency and opaqueness gives her work the allure that only a handmade object could have.
Baby image from Trend Union found via Busy Being Fabulous; Platter by Elephant Ceramics

Cabbage image by Trend Union found via Busy Being Fabulous ; Stoneware platter by Elephant Ceramics
Denim shoes by Sibella Court ; Stoneware plates by Elephant Ceramics
All by Elephant Ceramics
PRPS Spring /Summer 2011 Men's Collection Lookbook; Natural Linen Stoneware by Elephant Ceramics
 To find out more about Elephant Ceramics go here. Thanks to TrendLand

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