What Happened This Weekend

"I went and did my latest Closet Visit at costume designer and fashion stylist Alicia Lawhon's house," says photographer Jeana Sohn
"My challenge this weekend was to find a "pillow partner", whom would love to be my sales agent outside Denmark!" shares designer Dorte Agergaard.
"I  had an idea..." thanks Oliver from blog Foody Chef
"Here's what I made this weekend. I brought back some lovely little felt balls from a shop called Muskhane in Paris.
It took me 10 minutes to thread them as a bracelet for my daughter. She picked out the colours as I made it.
We were both very happy with the result!" says Jenny Voyce who reports on emerging trends in design and interiors on her blog Trends Voyce
 "It's been a great weekend," says Christina Achau from blog Random Panda
"I don't do wallpaper in my house. I have a feature wall that my friends doodle on. This is my latest addition I added on the weekend," says photographer Mark Peckmezian.
If you would like to take part in next weeks "What Happend This Weekend" please send your picture and quote here. Remember it has to relate to your time at home.


  1. Love your blog and all of it's inspirational variety! Found you via Bodie and Fou. I will be back for sure!

    Hope your day is beautiful!


  2. Hello! Thanks for following me on twitter! Nice blog, love that bracelet!

  3. love the blog not my best ever photo but I love that light.

    Keep Sn00ping


  4. Gah, I love this series! So awesome to see a bit of people's weekend stories.

    And hi Amanda, so sweet of you to stop by earlier and leaving me the nicest comments. Can you be anymore sweeter?! It totally made my day.