Portraits of Bloggers

ishaara is a blog by NYC photographer Manjari Sharma.  She blogs through her current and old photographic projects about being born and raised in Mumbai, India.
Rex Sorgatz is an internet media maven and owner of blog Fimoculous
New York blogger Noah Brier blogs about media, marketing and technology
Soraya Darabi is co-founder and Business Development Lead on one of my new favourite sites Foodspotting. The website and mobile apps make it easy to find and share your favorite foods: Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can recommend your favorite dishes using photos and see what others have recommended wherever you go.
Textile designer, photographer and painter Sheena Sood hasn't posted since June 2010. I'm thinking with all this new interest she should get back to her table and tap away
Rachel Hulin from A Photography Blog seeks to make her blog be a fun portal for photography industry-related information and nice pictures.
This good looking guy blogs for Gawker covering gossip from Manhattan to Los Angeles and anywhere else in the world that's worth talking about.
Nick McGlynn is founder of blog Random Night Out. True to its' name, Nick documents the best of New York City nightlife, tirelessly living it up with the VIPs, making sure that even if you stayed in, you never really miss the party!
OMG! As stylist Rachel Zoe would say "Bananas". How many of us can relate to photographer Gabriela Herman and her portraits of New York bloggers? I know I can. I'm actually sitting in a dark room now thinking I need to switch on a light. LOVE IT.


  1. Sadly, yes I can. I definitely can!

    (great post!)

  2. These are such neat portraits!! I didn't think about bloggers working at night but it makes sense that bloggers work on their blogs at night as they might have a real job. I love the one of Soraya Darabi checking her computer in front of the fridge. All of these photos are very interesting!!

  3. LOL! Yes I can definitely relate! My day usually ends with me telling myself that I must turn on the lights... but in a few more mins. =P Very nice pics and awesome post.

  4. Nocturnal bloggers!.. Yes, we can all relate. :)

    What a great series.

    x Charlotta