You Must Try This At Home - Black & White Update

I'm loving exaggerated so it's in-your-face, powerful, artistic and just cool to look at black & white interiors. Makeup is a great source to find inspiration in creating fun colour palette's in the home.  Camilla Babylon's beauty look used for her runway show at Australian Fashion Week is quirky, bold and fun - a perfect starting point for any designer. Architectural firm i29 have used a dramatic black stripe to add sophisticated drama and depth to a simple white room.
When you use black with white be bold in your approach. Creating large blocks of black with white can be to-die-for spectacular. Take June Buga's t-shirt photo and ask yourself where does your eye instantly focus? Geometric shapes will offer instant decorating success. Don't you love how Studioilse created an awesome headboard by simply painting a half circle in black.
Always think Big, Bold & Brave. Use Lee Myrtle's photo and Chirstian Haas knitted lights for inspiration
If your not so brave or simply don't have any spare cash to update then simple ideas like cutting out shapes from black paper and sticking it to your wall can help your home go from drab to fab. Foot photo by Crazy Doggy and paper raindrops by Sayaka Minemura
What would you rather own if you had to choose between a panda bear or polar bear? For me it would be a panda because they seem warmer, friendlier and cuddlier... Hmmm strangely this weirdly relates into how I wouldn't like to live in a completely white space. Photo of panda make up boy by Ching Liyen; House by Eastern Design Office
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