Modern Handmade Dinnerware Trends For Contemporary Table Settings

 My big thing is looking at how we as consumers want value but not at the cost of everything being the same.  I'm in love with everything that feels like it has been made by hand and a has a strong sense of provenance like this Rural outfit by Imke Klee and Looks like paper porcelain plates by Annett Janowiak 
Flick'r star Sayaka Minemura found this dinnerware set at Matsumoto Craft Fair in Japan. I adore the idea of using a familiar, disposable object such as the paper plate and transforming it into a cherished ceramic dinner plate. The uneven edge of the plate adds character and a feeling of one-of-a-kind to what is considered a mass produced product. The humble Wooden fork and spoon is by Ryuji Mitani
Beautiful, natural and informal linens like Lauren Kovin's textiles I believe make a dining table warm and inviting. Great food alone isn't enough. Serving dishes and dinner sets that feel like they're handmade is reminiscent of the love, time, care and skill you have put into making a meal. I'm currently in love with  Pure Deigns sandstone and porcelain collection.
Accessorise your table with products that include natural materials like the Balloon & Seasoning Shaker by Masayuki Kurokawa available from K-Shop. Boiled eggs photo by Charlie Engman

Imperfect is the new perfect. Wonky and not ironed is OK. Metropolis bowls by De Intuïtiefabriek. Natural linen trousers available from Etsy shop Blood Orange Thing's.

I am always looking for simplicity, function and beautifully made objects. Homogenous mass market product is a thing of the past. I guess this post is a small stone against the flood of mass manufacturing increasingly dominating design. Photo of linen trousers by Joe Bonomo. Dinner setting photo by Sayaka Minemura

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  1. Great video that you put together! And those ceramic plates in the first two pictures are amazing!

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  3. the offcentred dinner plate in the second plate is beautiful... I tried finding it at the Matsumoto Craft Fair, but no information is available there.

    Can these plates still be bought?? and where??

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