Upcycling Old Carpet

What is the most iconic rug in the world? Without doubt its the Oriental rug. It's a design most of us know and if we haven't had one in our own home we certainly know someone who has. It's a wonderful example of design where east meets west. Photo by Charlie Engman
Young designers like British born Lee Broom are combining historical Oriental rugs to modern and sleek collections. Photo of girl wrapped in rug by Ren Hang
Adding hints of nostalgic detail to a modern shape and material can bring warmth and familiarity to a new design. Photos of girls by Yan Chang; Lee Broom Heritage Boy console table photo by Livingetc
Lee Broom's Heritage Boy Carpetry sideboard is nominated for Best British Design at The British Design Awards. If you would like to vote for him  then go here . Photos of girls by Ann He
Who says the floor is the only option when to told to sit on the rug? Photo via via  Haw-Lin
photo by Alexey Lapin

I have got flu (cough, sneeze, sniffle) so this post couldn't be more apt for me. I am so rugged up at the moment I look like I live in an Igloo. Could someone make me some homemade soup? :(


  1. I love the idea, but I won't be trying it. It looks like too much work.

  2. I know what you mean... You can actually buy the designs I have shown you x

  3. oh yeah the other option is you could always scan the print and turn it into paper?

  4. i absolutely adore old rugs... they seem to be so hard to find these days.

    love the lights up the top!