Skype Reunion Family Photo by John Clang

an image from the series 'be here now' by john clang, 2012
'paris (and, projected, singapore): stephanie chi-weng tsui; her mothr, alexia wai-chun tye: alexia-s partner, pierre de fouquet'
Wow! I love this awesome project, Be Here Now, by john clang. As more and more of us are choosing to be 'Urban Nomads' for work or in my husband's case love we often find ourselves hopping on Skype talking to our loved ones one the other side of the world. When I was travelling around the world to produce my book, RETHINK - The Way You Live, coming out November 2012, Skype was my lifeline at the end of each day where it was possible to speak and most importantly see my husband. A crucial moment when I was in Antwerp and I injured myself and felt alone.
bellevue, washington (and singapore): edwin goh; his sisters alvina goh and siew lin goh; their parents, per ching goh
and pe chou sui; edwin's sister alina goh and her husband, justin woo'
Singapore-born and New York-based photographer  developed the collection of images by photographing several groups of relatives originally from Singapore with all members of the family unit included in one shot.
'hong kong (and singapore): back row: brandon wong and his wife, belinda leong; belinda's brother, donald leong;
front row: donald's daughter, jeanette leong; belinda's mother and father, helen ang and robert leong; belinda's sister, jessie leong,
and her daughter megan marsh'
'tokyo (and singapore): ros lee; her brother, kelvin lee, and his wife, hazuki lee nakano; ros's mother and father, tan gek kee
and lee choong kean; ros's sister, melissa lee'
'london (and singapore): simon milward and jacqueline lim (husband and wife) and their son, oscar milward;
jacqueline's sister gwendoline lim; jacqueline and gwendoline's parents, irene lim and cheng hoe lim'
'new york (and singapore): john clang, the photographer for this project; his parents, ang ching seong and NG gek choo;
his brother, joe ang; and, in the chat window on the laptop at the bottom of the photo, john-s wife, elin tew'
'seattle (and singapore): lee siew tim and chua chim sim, her son'
One of the hardest things in the world I think when you live away from your family is not seeing them but "The Jetsons" futuristic telephone helps a little when loved ones are so far away. This is a wonderful way to capture complete families in a photo even when geographically challenged. My husband's parents live in France and his brother & sisters live in the UK. This has so inspired me to capture us in a Clang inspired photo.

via the new york times 

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