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What is Optimistic Design? It's deeper than using bright colours -it's an attitude displaying self-empowerment - nurturing a more upbeat approach to living. It's simply about breaking the rulesLa TĂȘte Au Cube,  have embraced the movement by using shockingly bright neon colours on their Fluro Vase made from the iconic Limoges porcelain shaped in a classic tapered vase form. Their mission “slightly offbeat and completely off the wall.”
We at SnOOp started talking about O for Optimism back in August with our post New Ideas With Paint soon followed by one of my favourite posts Rough Neon. Sibella Court from The Society Inc is an early adopter to this lifestyle trend showing confidence in how we can be carefree with our decorating by using paint and colour in unpredictable ways. 
We are pushing aside the gloom of climate change, shortage of natural resources and the endless media articles making us feel guilty for erm... well everything. We are taking control and making our new world better by simply dictating how we want to live. As photographer Slim Aarons shows us we don't have to use a towel or sun-lounger to sunbathe on. Be easy going and grab a comfy mattress from the spare room. If you are still not convince then why not read 'This is Who I Am' post 

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