New Ideas with Paint

Painted Feet by Ryan Austin Dean
Look for inspiration in unconventional places for your next design project picture by Milo Vermeulen

Opt for dramatic and organic instead of static and geometric.  Ink Storm created by Mark van Gennip photographed by Cath Hermans
 Simple brush strokes on fabric by Claudia Caiezel for Jakob Schlaepfer and Prova Prima tabletop collection by Paola Navone for Richard Ginori adds a personal feel to a design or decor.
 Hand Writings by Knots Rugs; Colour Plaid blanket and Colour Carpet both by Scholten & Baijings
      Design Trick: Use a white or black background to display your free expression with paint. If you contain it in certain areas it goes from being an accident to a work of art. Fabric by Claudia Caiezel
 Bespoke wallpaper by Anne-Sophie Leeens; Wedgewood; Henri Aho; Chrissie White; Bespoke wallpaper by Anne-Sophie Leeens;
 Splash by Knots Rugs; Painted Balls by Jewellz
Yellow and concrete are a perfect marriage and add edge to a simple black door.  Painted texture by Craig Jewell; Splash Doorway by Inger Lyndby
 A child's artwork can be blown up or scanned for to be used for wallpaper a cushion print or inspiration. Artwork picture by Craig Jewell; Abandoned warehouse by Aaraon Siladi; Nike Stadium New York Pop Up Store
 Paint Cushion by Bluebellgray
It's time to break the rules! SPLISH, SPLASH and FLICK! No more painting within the lines, no more stress if the paint drips on the floor and Hallelujah if your toddler or teenager gets wild with paint on a wall or your latest sketch for a new design.  

Doom, Gloom and Stress is a constant theme in the world. I don't know about you but it feels like a very wet blanket has hung from many shoulders which is exhausting.

 FUN, FREEDOM and FRESHNESS is my new theme! For me this approach to design is sticking two fingers up and saying thanks for your advice but I will take it from here.

I know some of you think I've gone mad but why not find your inner Jackson Pollock on an old  tablecloth and tell me if it puts a smile on your face.


  1. I love this! Take away the gloom with all that lovely colour.

  2. Gorgeous! Optimism :-) Imagine a world without colour *shudder* doesn't bear thinking about does it? x

  3. i love this post! unconventional uses of paint, so inspirational.