Turn Your Flick'r Photos Into A Design Icon

It really is time to start using those pictures you have been uploading to Flick'r. 

 It excites me how craft, DIY is capturing this extraordinary time in design history. With the online obsession of Flick'r and blogs it is a no brainer that we are seeing young designers expressing this online past-time in their designs. Textile designer Dorte Agergaard  known for her use of digital printing is inspired by everyday objects that are rearranged and placed in a new context, playing with our notions of normality  "I'm fascinated by ordinary things which surround us in everyday life," says Dorte. 
"Throughout design history we have embellished and marked objects to capture the time it was made. This is something we wanted to explore more through our designs" says Stefan Baijings.

Adding digital printing to your textiles or furniture is a fantastic way to update the bland and the boring.

If you do make sure you share them with us.

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  1. i'm totally on board with this trend. it's one of the most exciting things happening in the past couple years. it will be interesting to see how far it goes. could we end up in a virtual universe (of yet another dimension) where every single surface/thing is covered with images of what it is not? and will be be bombarded with beautiful images, or like the skyscraper sized digital billboards in l.a. (that are so loathed by some, but adored by our mayor and businesspeople), by the worst, most primitive design and aesthetic quality possible?