Bring Life Into Your Home

'Concept Leaf' by Vista Wallpapers

 1. Vertical Garden by Patrick Blanc; 2. Julio Radesca de Carvalho from Design Academy Eindhoven; 3. Woolly Pocket; 4. Come Wind Come Rain
 1. Angus; 2. Grow Little 3. Vertical Wall by Patrick Blanc; 
1. Bloom Mag from Trend Union via Busy Being Fabulous; 2. Grow Little
  • The path to a better world isn't through pavers but via plants, says artist and Woolly Pocket founder Miguel Nelson. "I love architecture but I think if everyone was gardening instead of building, things would be better better. I think we were put on Earth to garden".
  • Indoor air pollution is far more toxic than outdoor pollution. Designers are using plants to help purify the air by filtering air that has been contaminated by manufactured goods. 
  • Julio Radesca de Carvalho discovered that twelve house plants per person would be enough to filter the air indoors. A dozen of three very ordinary species – the areca palm, the sansevieria and the epipremnun aureum – can keep us alive even in a completely closed space. 
  • The Vertical Garden can be implemented outdoors or indoor in any climatic environment. The plants don't require soil to grow. 
  • It is possible for plants to grow on nearly soilless vertical surfaces as long as there is no permanent water shortage.


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