Home is Safety

all photos by talented Mr Paul Raeside and paint from Society Inc

I adore this set of photos by Paul Raeside. Not only is he the best dressed photographer I know  he is a talent who beautifully captures lovely images through his camera whilst telling inspiring stories. He really is a British gem.  Paul has photographed a rustic and remote cabin highlighting how our home is our PROTECTOR from the elements and preditors . You can take inspiration from the cabin for your own urban home to help you connect to nature and the outdoors whilst not lacking in your mod cons. Follow the colour palate above and bring living materials indoors, including timber. If you do this your city pad will feel warm, welcoming and protective.


  1. Wow this shoot is beautiful. What a talent Paul Raeside is. Thanks for sharing this with us

  2. He is so talented! I love all of these images.