All I Own

All photos by Sannah Kvist
Sweedish photographer Sannah is visiting people in their home and photographing their stuff. This shoot made me instantly think of my FAVOURITE book "Snoop", by Sam Gosling. For the last ten years, ingenious psychologist Sam has been studying how people project (and protect) their inner selves, and how we form impressions of others. He dispatches teams of scientific snoops to see what we can learn about people from their bathrooms, offices and bedrooms - and from everyday signals ranging from where people live to the clothes they wear. A good snooper can work out how strong a relationship is, how someone is likely to vote, and well yer anything. Lets here how good your snooping abilities are and give us a snippet about the people in Sannah's photographs. Sannah will be having an exhibition soon from this series. Go over and say hi.


  1. I grew up in a house of clutter. My mother is still the classic hoarder. After I left home I began the process of gathering stuff in my own place. It all went in storage when I began to travel as a nurse. I only took with me what would fit inside my car. When I returned 3 years later I gave all that was in my storage unit away. I lived without it, didn't "need" it, got rid of it. I now live with minimal belongings and when piles begin to grow I head for Goodwill. I feel good in a sparse environment. It's clean, simple, uncomplicated.... and not like my mother.

  2. Great photos! I'm all about trying to get rid of my stuff now. As my parents pass on and I get older (I'm in my 40's) I've had to get rid of their "stuff." This all makes me very conscious of when I leave this planet - who will have to get rid of my own? I don't want it to be a massive job for them.

  3. what a fantastic idea!

    i LOVE passing things on to new homes and having less. think i might go and do another clean out after reading this post!!