Rethink: Your Career - Urban Backyard Farmer

Have you got a dream tucked away? A nagging need to change the direction in your career path? Is it financial or  is it friends and family saying you are having a mid life crisis that is holding you back? Over the last few years I have been so lucky to meet people who have kick started a new life for themselves. Some of them were made redundant in their careers, others took a leap of faith because they were sick and tired in working for "the man". They all wanted to take control of their lives by creating their own businesses that they are passionate about. I call this group of people the "Create & Control" tribe. They are industrious and they usually start their thriving business from home.

 I was recently contacted by South African based providore and blogger Matt Allison on Twitter. He had bought my book Rethink: The Way You Live and found a connection with his own life when he read the pages. This wonderful video showcases his story from musician to urban backyard farmer providing produce to some of Cape Town's prestigious restaurants and cafes.
Carrots Don't Always Grow Straight!

The biggest joy in producing a book like Rethink: The Way You Live is how wonderful folk like Matt share their stories with me in how they have rethought their lives. If you are sitting on the fence dreaming about a new career, a life long dream then I highly recommend watching this this video. Matt's story is living proof you can do anything as long as you are passionate and willing to put in the hard work.


  1. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for both your book and sharing my story. An honour.


  2. Thanks Matt for your inspirational story. I salute your courage and determination!
    Thank you Amanda for sharing with us.

    Linda x

  3. So enjoyed Matt's story. Love the way his vocation has evolved literally from his back yard.

  4. Great video, thanks for sharing!

  5. I found your posts very interesting,I will bookmark your blog and have shared it with my friends.

  6. Thanks Matt for your inspirational story.you can see more story quotes

  7. wow! i'm so inspired by this video. great! thanks to you.