Heineken Open Design Explorations Flies SnOOp to Tokyo

A couple of weeks ago I got to speak at my first Pecha Kuchu in Sydney, Australia. I was the last to speak which meant with no dinner, two beers mixed with nerves and alcohol I was slightly tipsy... Um it wasn't my proudest moment. But then I thought about the space, Super Deluxe where Pechu Kuchu originated in Tokyo.  Co-founder, Mark Dytham, from the TED like talks gave me a personal tour when I was in Tokyo for the  Heineken Open Design Explorations. The interiors were temporary, fun and had an easy going feel. So me having a good time, being a little tipsy and making people laugh suited the environment the talks begun.
 From the street front we walked down a kitch wallpaper stairwell
 The warehouse-style-club has a derelict shop feel about it but the folk inside are sporting avant-gard outfits.
 The space is used for dancing and thinking
Young local video artists had a craft bag of goodies they put under a camera and used a video mixer to create inspiring images projected onto the wall
 One of the cool projections created

 Mark blowing into ceramic bird that tweets a beautiful sound
 This is me standing in front of the projected ceramic bird. I'm wearing a Cos shirt my new fave high-street fashion brand
Avant Garde womens toilets are not quiet how I would describe them but was worth a visit
 To find the smiley face toilet rolls.
 The sinks were salvaged from an old school. Check out those taps. 
If you go to Tokyo make sure you go and visit Super Deluxe. It was my favourite club visit.


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