Achille Castiglioni Taccia Table Lamp from Flos Makeover

I can't decide if I should have the shade sitting up or down? What do you think I should do? 

As you know I have just moved back to Australia and my husband and belongings are all still in the UK waiting for visa's to come through. I thought I could live from a suitcase until my loved one and loved possessions arrived... But not possible. The other day I stumbled upon a fabulous vintage store in Sydney and found a gorgeous avocado coloured light. You know when your heart races really fast when you see something you love and you know you must have well this "big fat green baby"had to be mine. 

Within 24 hours the light was shattered on my bedroom floor by my flatmates friends. I will not bore you with the details. All I can say is I was heartbroken. To soften the blow my adorable flatmate has loaned me his Achille Castiglioni Taccia Table lamp from Flos so I can still enjoy the wonderful curvacious kinda survived lampshade. I had it sitting in a traditional manner but then talented Australian designer friend Charles Wilson turned the shade upside-down and made it look like a blooming freesia. So now I have the delightful dilemma of choosing what way to sit the shade.

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  1. bit of a shame that it's just on loan though. upside down looks bonkers, go bonkers