Perspectives by John Pawson at St Pauls

British architect John Pawson has installed the largest lens ever made by crystal brand Swarovski in the southwest tower of St Paul’s Cathedral for the London Design Festival, which starts on Saturday. I was lucky enough to have a little SnOOp yesterday so you guys could get an exclusive preview
                        Perspectives by John Pawson for Swarovski Crystal Palace, ©Gilbert McCarragher.                                                          Pawson’s installation marks the 300th anniversary of the cathedral’s completion and remains open to the public until January 2012.
The morning started with a champagne breakfast at Madison Restaurant in One New Change opposite St Paul's. We had a brief presentation by John Pawson, Nadja Swarvoski and Ben Evans. Then we were led to the normally closed to the public spiralling Geometric Staircase that connects to the Dean door on the upper levels of the cathedral. The installation comprises a spherical mirror suspended at the top of the 23-metre tower, mirrored in a hemisphere below the lens at the foot of the staircase to create a composite image of the whole tower for visitors gathered at ground level. To be honest I thought when I was coming to the exhibition it was going to be a hanging piece. However, the more I think about this piece more genius I believe John Pawson is. It has a fabulous 3D quality to the reflection which is breathtaking. John told me "the best view of the lens is from the ground floor looking down". Nadja stated "Perspectives is the most important location we have ever had the opportunity to showcase our crystals. It's a very proud moment." I highly recommend the visit.

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