TREND ALERT: Urban Sailor

Fisherman duffel jacket by Italian tailoring company Barena Vanezia
                          Rope light  Atelier 688                                       Seaside fashion by Italian tailoring company Barena Vanezia
There is one last lady knitting these jumpers - she's in her late 80s, was taught by her mother and knits from experience and memory. This skill may be lost when she dies. LED Rope Lights by Christian Haas
                  Sailor sewing fishing net                                                Hammock Bed SnOOped via NY Nerd
Seaside fashion by Italian tailoring company Barena Vanezia                               Rope light Atelier 688                                   
  These jumpers were knitted by loved ones from weather-resistant worsted wool. Every coastal village in the UK had its own design and the fisherman's initials were added under the arm. If the fisherman was swept out to sea, the jumper outlasted the body, which could be identified by the initials and pattern.  The knitted armchair is by Biscuit Scout        



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