Sensual Home - Working with Natural Textures

Never under estimate the power of working with natural materials in your designs.  A sensual home is made up from leather, wood, stone, natural linens and fur. I'm in love with super talented Australian, Sarah Parkes, from Smalltown who produces to-die-for macrame and rope work.
In a technological driven age more of us are taping into and showing appreciation for traditional crafts and sustainable ethics.  Photos by Masahiro Makino

Always opt for timeless products that will last. Online store, Analogue Life, primarily focus on selling Japanese homeware made by artisans and craftsmen who emphasis on simplicity, functionality and good design.  Product designer Mieke Dingen shows the inner workings of a coffee maker. This transparent approach to design congers the feeling of honesty.
Natural timbers provide rich natural warmth and balances beautifully with cooling stone and ceramics. Photo by Snowy. You can find similar handmade Yunomi cups from Analogue Life. The cup has a warmth and texture that makes holding it a pleasure
A 'Sensual Home' colour palette is grounded with minimal shades of charcoal, umber and sienna. Off-white and black add sophistication and balance. Untreated wood provides natural richness. Bedroom is by  Guilherme Torres and snopped over on Design Crisis
Combine small gestures with large over the top designs to create the perfect mood and feel to your space. The wooden bath with combined sauna is by Anna van der Lei
A simple way to remember to create a 'Sensual Home' is work with opposites. Rough loves smooth, pattern loves plain, perfect adores imperfection and everything natural loves wood. This awesome photo is by Marek Wykowski
Tactile, handmade and one-of-a-kind umbrellas are by KIYATA


  1. Fantastic post! After years and years of wondering, I have finally figured out that the rooms I dislike are those that have nary a natural element, particularly wood.

  2. loving the carved umbrella handles!

  3. Oh I am so thrilled to find your site!! Absolutely agree! Love to see a great mix from nubby to silk to stone, to sooth wood. black always adds an element of sophistication!

    Art by Karena

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    You will love it!

  4. great combination, i like it:)

  5. natural elements add such a special touch to a home- it shows an appreciation for nature and it's beauty. {I'm loving that "nude" coffee maker}

  6. Love it!

    Lola x

  7. those umbrella handles are so fun!

  8. Love the bossy looks of that bedroom-shades of charcoal and grey!simple yet rocks!