Rough Neon

bed Wailin Tse; escalator Jeff Wheeler; neon sign Hetero Topia; girl 
digital clock by Crazy Doggy ; Matthew Williamson's Fluro Lights photo by Damian Russell; bedroom and table by Mark Eden Schooley; stitched porcelain Botany vases by Rae Dunn
Paper lights Paula Arntzen ; lady with dog Hasisi Park; Bedroom via Bodie and Fou
Bust via  Haw-Lin; Clutch Clare by Bodie and Fou; Girl in dress by HaoJan Chang

Raw, rough, natural, neutral materials contrasted with neon brights is heaven. No need for sunglasses for this scheme. The trick is to avoid synthetics, plastics and add dabs of colour. 

Neon is everywhere at the moment. This bright and loud 80s pop influence is a chance to have some fun experimenting in creating a sophisticated upbeat space which will make family and friends envy you for a very long time. 


  1. thank you for stopping by at my place!

    really like the idea of neutrals with dayglow orange...

  2. Thank you darling for saying hello and for your kind words. I'm going to be tinkering around in your blog too. I love anything and everything to do with interior design so I'm sure I'll find some inspiration here. :)

    Patricia Ann

  3. Hi Amanda, just saw your comment on my post about "sugar warehouse". How lovely you were involved in those pictures :) In which way? (just curious).
    Lovely blog!