12 Ideas With Duct Tape

Photographer Hasisi Park has captured how to be inventive with duct tape on her living room wall
This eye-popping floor design made from vinyl tape by Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie. The floor is in the Gramercy apartment that is the home of Tim Nye of the Nyehaus Gallery.
Who needs to worry about a wardrobe? Found on I Love Sticky Tape. New York artist, Aakash Nihalani, adds new dimensions and depths to urban landscapes with the humble vinyl tape.
Hasasi Park has used duct tape to write a favourite quote on her bedroom wall
 The only thing that limits you with duct tape is your imagination. I really like the idea of mixing cutouts with tape. This example is a collaboration by Poster Boy & Aakash Nihalani. Duct tape sticks on everything - Sonny O was inspired by Aakash Nihalani inside his own home. 
It's a cheap way to add impact to your room. Aakash Nihalani installation at Frost Street Space in NYC.
 Bertjan Pot's Duct-taped Carpets, 2009
 Instead of hiding tape behind a picture tack it on the outside corners like Yerin Mok's picture in her Los Angeles bedroom. Clay Williams photo shows you don't have to use it on solid backgrounds.
 Brooklyn, New York by Aakash Nihalan

Here is a stylists trade secret! Every professional stylist will always have in their kit a roll of duct tape. This humble vinyl tape is as important to a stylist as yeast is to a baker. It's used for just about everything you can think of. From holding up wallpaper to helping bedlinen looking wrinkle free to removing fluff off fabric.

Over the years duct tape has been kept out of our view.  However, I have noticed lately how this sticky tape is being used to enhance our interiors by adding colour and shapes to walls and floors.

 I just discovered this book that has some super creative ideas for your walls, furniture and fashion. Click here to buy.


  1. i love tape art, these photos are fantastic

  2. not to be a stickler (but I'm going to be one), duct tape is not a vinyl tape, its a polyethylene tape

  3. Great ideas! Like your blog very much!!

  4. Sorry perhaps I should call it tape that sticks.

  5. The last one made me laugh - there are some good ideas here!

  6. Fabolous pics....love it...

  7. awesome! duct tape, i love it!

  8. This is amazing - proper low tech style!

  9. oh

    you know what im off to get my hands on..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so so so inspired. i think i might do some duct tape work at my solo exhibition!!

  10. Erin if you do please make sure you send in some pics for us all to see xxx

  11. so you know what i ended up doing...........

    http://cutyourownfringe.blogspot.com/2010/07/july-24-2010.html = the original duct tape text on the wall as part of my solo exhibition


    http://cutyourownfringe.blogspot.com/2010/08/august-14-2010.html = the duct tape coming down!

    TIPS: use the cheap stuff, it takes less paint off the walls :)