Shipping Containers Transformed into Modern Homes

Could shipping containers be the future of the suburban dream? From $1500 per container suddenly building a house can be affordable. Containers have been a fantastic solution for rescue relief to victims who have suffered natural disasters or have remote land with hard to get too access. However, across the globe people are adapting affordable and sustainable containers and transforming them into award winning homes. 

Two of my largest concerns about the the reality of people having their dream home is affordability and space. I really do believe this humble box can be a small solution to a very real problem. What I love about containers is you can gradually extend and moving house has suddenly become a whole lot easier. 

Using shipping containers as a long term liveable solution is a brilliant idea but gaining the requisite building approvals under the Australian Building Regulations seems to present a challenge. However the rest of the globe is embracing this form of housing.  It's not impossible to have a container home in Australia and here is fantastic example of Australia's largest building made from shipping containers at Canberra's Australia National University


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