Zucchenti's New Bathroom Collection - Faraway

The bathroom is the only room where we are justified in being alone. It needs not to be a cold clinical affair but a place for pleasure and escapism . Consider words including touch, nature, senses, experience, future, journey and innovation when creating a retreat surpassing bathroom rituals.
Italian brand Zucchetti.Kos have created a complete and complex vision of the bathroom world with a new collection Faraway
'Faraway is a journey round the world, made through simple, soft gesture of opening a single lever tap'
Design this space with the same vision and creative flair as your living room and kitchen. Japanese or Turkish baths and natural water pools are a great place to find inspiration.
We are now exploring 'beauty', like nomadic globe-trotters in search for adventure. Each component of this collection was created with this logic: to fulfill a wealth of functions, complex in their use and in form - multitasking - bearing in mind each rule and its exception.
Beauty and simplicity characterizes great freedom and freshness
Investigate in new technologies for the saving of energy and water.  Don't be scared to embrace new materials. Corian for a bath or basin offers a completely new smooth sensation over traditional enamel. I LOVE  mat white hardware that strays away from traditional stainless steel finishes.
Tactile exploration on walls, floors, furniture, lights, baths, basins and taps will ensure a room to be seductive and sensual.
How exciting how we can create a journey without destination. A journey in search of another dimension: a new adventure for your bathing experience. 

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