Nature Inspires Innovation

Ever Manifesto photo by Amira Fritz; Spitting Image by Nick van Woert
Girl photo by Changer Way; Harvest Chair by Asif Khan
Girl photo by Changer Way; Frozen in Time lamp by Wieki Somers
Landscapes by Levi van Veluw; Sensing Nature by Tokujin Yoshioka via Dezeen
Girl photo by Changer Way; The Lacemaker by Tord Boontji
 Boe Ba Kim; Olla light by D-Vision
Reversed Volumes by Mischer Traxler

Designers why not refer to nature and its' billions of years of history for inspiration. Chances are, that somewhere in nature, there’s a process or structure that can be applied to whatever you are trying to make.
  • intricate
  • clustered
  • fragile
  • captured in time
  • eco luxe