Integrated Home by Suppose Design Office

Family sizes are changing, and our homes are adapting to accommodate new social and environmental behaviours
 Japanese architects Suppose Design Office created a home in Nagoya, Japan, featuring a room dedicated to plants.
 Not all of us are going to be able to have a home with a large outside garden space. With urban living being more crowded land is becoming more valuable. The solution is to integrate the garden inside your home
 I can hear some of you say "I don't fancy going around to use the bathroom".  Don't be put off. You can now buy Smart Glass. With the press of a button, the electrical switchable glass changes from transparent to translucent, providing privacy at the turn of a switch. 
  The more urban our lifestyle the bigger the need for a connection to nature. Using lush green plants and tactile stones inside makes it possible to bring a vibrant and beautiful scenery into the interior of our homes and make architectural aesthetics more and more diverse.
 Rather than a design that begins to grow stale as soon as it is completed, through this design featuring the constantly changing and vibrant “garden room” the family will never grow bored of it.

 As discussed in Design Before Fashion We have thrown away the interior design book because more of us are more confident in our own design choices. We create our homes to meet our family's requirements. According to the Future Foundation 45% of 25-44-year-old's feel the need to be closer to the countryside. Read more here in my feature about Primitive Living.

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