New Name - Changes Are Coming!

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Sears Tower sky deck Photo by Charlie Engman
 I'm stepping on out there 
photo by Hetero Topia
and taking the plunge 

Hi everyone... We have a name change... Welcome Home - a guide to modern living has been transformed to SnOOp.  

I have been holding the name and concept of SnOOp close to my heart for sometime. I originally wanted SnOOp to be a free print shelter magazine but as time has passed (two-years) I realised SnOOp belongs online with you. 

Welcome Home - a guide to modern living has always been such a mouthful and was always planned to be a temporary [working title] so I hope you love the new name as much as I do. 

The logo was designed by super talented London design agency Accept & Proceed

We will be moving home within the next couple of months but I wanted you to get use to our new name first.

Have a great weekend 

Amanda xxx 


  1. Thanks so much Mat your comments mean a lot xxx

  2. Great name and awesome logo. I am definitely going to be visiting more often ;)

  3. You guys are great... thank you so much xxx

  4. Totally love the new logo and name! It works very well and looks very pro