Sweet Sixteen

Have you guys clocked super-talented Seattle based, self-taught, sixteen-year-old, photographer Chrissie White? Phew that was a mouth full. This young snapper is a name to look out for. Her work has already been published in magazines and books across the globe and she has grabbed a few awards along the way. Chrissie prefers to photograph people she doesn't know but in this post she has captured what home means to her. I love how she focuses around her bedroom. Don't you remember your bedroom being your kingdom whilst growing up?


  1. She's been one of my favourite flickrites for quite some time now... She's very talented!

  2. Such incredible images - I love how dreamy the bedroom shots are.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog...am so glad I've visited here. There's a lot of heart and a lot of design. Will def be coming back!