I Am The Space Where I Am

Home has so many different meanings to each of us. What my idea is may be very different to yours. For some people they may not stay in one place for very long because of work, life circumstances or travel. So where can we call home? Perhaps it's where we display our objects hinting who we are and where we have been? Or is it a place where our family and long-time friends are? Or a bit of both? It could be as simple as a shelter to sleep and eat. Even if we are just passing by I believe we can say 'I am the space where I am'. It doesn't take long for our clothes to come out of our suitcase, our i-pod and mobile phone placed on a table, family pictures put on display and our favourite book resting by the bed we are sleeping in. We as humans love to mark our territory just as animals do. We like to have familiarity around us as this helps us settle into the place we habitat. Look at these pictures by Tim Winter. Imagine... All is quiet in the woods and all that can be heard is the wind rustling in the trees. Then a family arrive for their summer holiday's parking their caravan. They bring items to help with comfort, survival and little things that add their stamp to their new space. When they leave all is still again in the woods and the family's new space has disappeared. I would love to know what home means to you?

All pictures by Tim Winter for Peddlers Catalogue


  1. I wrote this post a while back, I just graduated a few months ago and am finally starting to put my home together, but one night we had a visit from an unexpected guest... one of the kids that lived in our house before us. He wrote a gorgeous story about it (in the comments section). All that to say, I think your home can be anywhere, but there is always a certain spirit that's carried with it by the people who make it. Whether, it is setting up camp in the woods or making 4 walls and a roof a space of your own.


  2. Great pix! Great post! Home to me is my hubby, kid & cats, my books, paper & pens, a comfy stack of pillows to lean on, hot tea (no matter the weather), and just enough visual clutter, usually in the form of collages taped to the wall, to keep me inspired.