This Little Piggy Makes The Perfect Pet

There's a new pet in town and it's a little "oink" pig that fit's into your teacup. Yep it's the Micro Pig. Suddenly the price of pork has just gone up. The British newspaper The Guardian, claims Victoria Beckham has just bought one for her football star David from  The Little Pig Farm, run by Jane Croft in Cambridshire. For £700 per piggy you can own one. 

Fully grown, they stand at just over a foot. They make, it seems, brilliant pets – they are affectionate, come when you call their names, and are more intelligent than dogs. 

Croft has stated she is not really selling them as presents, and she won't sell to anybody. She always vets people to check they know what they're taking on – micro pigs need a large garden, should be kept in pairs and can live for 18 years.

They can be easily house trained and will sit on your lap while you watch TV so you can scratch their bellys. They will "talk" to you and have you giggling for hours. They enjoy listening to Classic FM. 

Well if micro isn't your thing you could always consider the big daddy of swine. 


  1. These piggies are so cute! I want one now! but I'm not sure apartment complex would be happy about me bringing a pig into the building, and i definitely don't have a garden. I love it though!

  2. Very cute, and I'm glad Ms Croft is careful who she sells too. I can see these pigs becoming a novelty and then no one wanting them. Hmm, how would the Humane Society handle that ;)

  3. How can anyone ever consider eating bacon again having read your post and seen these divine little creatures!!
    It was love at first sight for me!

  4. Hmmm. After reading this post,I am questioning the biblical phrase,"...pearls before swine." I would absolutely get those pigs if I did not already have a cat and a dog. And if enough people get them as pets, does that mean we stop eating pork? My kids stopped eating it when they saw the movie, "Babe"!
    ps I Heart your Design blog!