Colour me Katie

If you have a few minutes this weekend and want to be inspired then you should watch this. Katie Sokoler AKA Color Me Katie is a specialist at working with strangers. Inspired by a college project in which the then shy Katie was forced to photograph 100 strangers in 5 hours, she has since eschewed using models to stage shoots, preferring instead to promote human interaction through her work and capture the results of humans in their natural habitat when mixed with fantasy or fun. In both her recent projects, the Brooklyn Thought Bubble Project and the Shadow Project, Katie stages creative traps and lies in wait to capture special moments on camera. We follow her through her process and ask why she makes interaction her art.

Found this over at clearspot


  1. thanks amanda. ditto.
    look! someone's just signed up to be your latest follower! look forward to your new entries
    SntF x

  2. so inspiring! i love this :)
    so clever

  3. She seems like a cool person. It's interesting how unshy one can become when one is "forced" out of shyness.