I don't know what to wear

Aghhh! I have just left the house today in an outfit that is sooooo wrong. I hate days like this... Such a sucky way to start the day. There were tantrums,tears and clothes thrown across the room. I know I'm not alone when it comes to a wardrobe tragedy.

photo by evaxebra

"Hey, honey! I'm going to the post office! You wanna come?"
"Oh, HELL no."


  1. this is a disaster! Hate these days too. love the name: wardrobe tragedy, had never heard it before, hehe. kiss

  2. Oh my god...this post just cracked me up!! Yes, this indeed ruins a day! I think it is a good idea to have a "foolproof" outfit for those days when you feel stressed or uninspired: usually it's something you know always look good [or at least doesn't attract awkward stares!] For me, it is jeans, boots and a button-up for day or a pencil skirt and cute blouse for work.

  3. ...ah yes. I can totally relate. Though this was not a frequent occurrence before I became a mother, it sure did once my little tots arrived.. I blame stress, hormones, time shortness, my husband :)... (no not really).. but usually find that I meet many others out there with the same problems.. At least I haven't left the house with my bra on the outside of my jumper yet, so it can't be that bad right..?