Small Spaces

There's a new word to learn and it's Puki! Not to be confused with pukey. I have just discovered the works of Linda Gavin who has put cool into doll collecting. The doll in question is the Japenese customised Puki doll. I knew there were doll enthusiasts out there but I always thought them to be a wee bit creepy but not anymore. Linda spends her spare time building super contemporary mini-size doll houses and then photographs her Puki dolls inside the room sets. I love how her imaginary world of Puki has loads of great decorating ideas.

All photos via Linda Gavin 

Cool fact about Ms Linda Gavin. She designed the Twitter logo back in 2006. That alone makes this lady worth a follow on her blog Imaginary World.


  1. These are the cutest things I've ever seen! I am generally quite creeped out by dolls, especially china ones, but these creations and photos are fabulous!

  2. Oh my god, I want to play!!! *regresses 20 years*. I really do love these images.