Tabletop - Casual Dining

Small details are coming back to how we set our tables. It's all about low-maintenance combined with lovingly handmade  - Fabric coasters, placemats and hot pads directly placed onto a wooden or a simple linen cloth table creates what us editors like to call casual chic.  WIth more of us cooking from scratch and our growing love for slow cooked meals we are bringing our hot-pots directly from the oven to the table.  This woolen mat from Cinq Design prevents you burning the table from your hot casserole dish. It's certainly not about formality it's about showing off how you care about the food you are serving to your family and guests.
What's really interesting is we want to put our homemade food onto products that have had the same care, detail and love put into creating them. We don't want mass produced food and we don't want product that feels like it has been created for the masses.  All product by Cinq Design
From Cocon Shop

From Cocon Shop
 Photos by Ku Nihto

Photo by Sayaka Minemura

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  1. These are lovely and so simple! I wish people would go back to eating at their dining tables on a daily basis and take time to beautifully lay out their tabletops. It changes the whole eating experience doesn't it? It's all about eating on our knees infront of the TV these days - I'm a culprit myself...