Lets Make Some Memories

all photos by Steven Beckly
Steven Beckly is a photographer living and working in Toronto, Canada. He believes there is a beauty in everyday moments that normally go unnoticed. He doesn't like chocolate, but loves Oreos. He wishes he had a pet wolf and shares with us intimate pictures of him and his partner. I think most of us can relate to a time in our life where we think we have found the one, made house with each other to soon find after time that the va va voom has gone. It dosen't mean you don't love them but a little light comes on and well both of you know it isn't working. Some bleak statistics perhaps but I have posted them to show some of you who may be doing it tough that the odds to have an ever lasting relationship are rare:

·      50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce (Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri).

·      Among women that described themselves as happy, 49% said they were unhappy with their sex lives (Self magazine survey, 2010).

·      About one out of 10 married adults — or 12 percent — say that they typically sleep alone (National Sleep Foundation).

·      Unmarried women that have been cohabitating with men for 5 years or less have a 63% increased risk of obesity (University of North Carolina study).

·      Most cheaters – a whopping 60% -- have been in a relationship for at least five years. But 18% of newlywed women and 12% of newlywed men admitted to committing infidelity within the first year of marriage (British survey, 2005).

·      Only 29 percent of women report that they’re able to achieve orgasm during sex (National Health and Social Life Survey).

·      Just a month of cohabitation decreases the quality of a couple’s relationship (Penn State study).

·      Fifteen to 20% of married couples report being in a sexless marriage (Newsweek).

      ·      Nearly 50% of men admit to being unfaithful at some time in their lives         (MSNBC survey).


  1. You should do a post that involves books and book shelves....I'd love to see what you find.

  2. what a beautiful series of photographs.