Bathing in a Bubble Bath

Water is an increasingly precious commodity and as we start to learn to respect it the ritual of bathing will become more precious to us. The bathroom is the only room where we are justified in being alone. I really do think we need to rethink how we design our bathroom. Your bathing boudoir should be geared to provide indulgent purifying pampering. We in the WEST focus on the hygine side of bathing rather than pleasure. Consider Turkey with their bathing houses, the Japanese onsen and of course the sauna in Switzerland. Our bodies deserve to be touched, pampered, rejuvinated. Bathing for me is life's superior sensations. Have you ever considered to install a steamer? Steaming is BLISS - it combines health and pleasure. According to Chinese medicine, a steam rids the body of viruses and bacteria. However if you don't have the space or cash for a steamer one thing we can all realate too when we are exhausted is a bubble bath mentally revives us. I love to bathe in the evening so my favourite potion for bubbles is Alexandra Soveral's 'Sleepy Head' Bath and body oil. What's your?


  1. Love this post. Suppose it's the reason I'm daydreaming of redoing my bathroom every time I shower...

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