It's Not Just Me Anymore!

The design-savvy crowd that you are I'm sure will make no sacrifices when it comes to your children. Consider opting for furniture that is tactile, colourful, nostalgic and fun. Tree bookcase by Design Artist; Early Rider bicycle by Strawberry Children's Toys; Eames Elephant by Vitra; Alphabet drawers by Kent and London; Mini Togo by Ligne Roset

I have been pondering about Valeria Lazareva's photos for sometime now. A few of my friends have had babies lately and I have watched them change over night. While I'm worrying about work, clothes, haircuts and not seeing my fiance or friends enough they are focused on one little being. 

It got me thinking how our view to our home changes when we have children. I believe what we buy for the home, how it is set up and the meaning of home all changes. Suddenly the home must become a place that needs to be set up where your child can grow, be safe, have stimulation and be a place they know they can always come too. Unlike my home which is set up for dinner parties, socialising, TV watching and listening to music. When purchasing products for the home it's no longer an Ikea impulse buy but pieces that reflect you and who you want your child to be. Whether it’s fashion, furniture or technology it's extensions of your own aesthetic preferences and keeping with your  home style.There are so many stylish options now for children. But I guess you need to make sure you have a balance between kid chic and a haven of fun. 

I would love to hear from you about how your idea of home has changed since you had kids


  1. Stunning photos...
    I've always resisted the whole baby paraphanelia. We took Mila to New-Zealand when she was 6 months old and always travelled light. Nobody needs 4 different plastic containers which each meal pre-dosed!
    At home we havent changed much. It's a little bit more messy, with a lot of drawings from school everywhere (Mila is super productive!), more family photos and toys everywhere but we still fill our house with design pieces we love, even if it means that Mila will put some chocolate on my Paulistano chair while watching The Fantastic Mr Fox...so be it.


  2. Gorgeous. Do you have a better link for where you found these? I can't find them anywhere.

    It's fun to be stylish with Kids spaces. It can just be a bit of a fight to not be surrounded by plastic. You have to try and educate the people buying them gifts or do lots of donating!

  3. Hi Tracy;

    What product are you looking for because they should be available from the links I have provided.

    What country are you from?