SnOOp - Australia Update

On SnOOp I don't usually share stuff about me... But at the moment there is a lot to share. Tomorrow we will be back to normal but for now... My little update about my adventures in Australia.
Well I got married to my wonderful Ollie who flew out with me to Australia. He is back in the UK for work and I'm missing him terribly. I convinced him to wear this bow tie which he looked very cute in. I have been checking out the fashion scene here and trying to get as much beach action as possible. Both are Ah-mazing!
I have been really busy filming Top Design judging some seriously talented young Australian designers. The challenges have been awesome. We have put them under tremendous stress to design interiors for shipping containers, bachelour pads, hotel suites and the list goes on. My fellow judges Jamie Druie and Nick Tobias were so much fun to work with. We didn't always agree but generally I was the one who was always right. If you're in Australia watch us on Channel 9, Wednesday's, 8pm. FYI... check out my awesome shoe collection throughout the show. Not always practical but wow they looked fab!

Other things going on...

On the 29th July at 8am I will be giving a a short 5 minute talk about 'Is Old New Again" at FastBREAK along with Darryl Nichols, Diego Bonetto Emma Elizabeth, Mathieu Gallios

I'm giving a talk 'Preserving the past to Make Our Future Happen' during Sydney Design Festival at The Powerhouse Museum on 10th August at 6.30pm

Fancy doing a 3 hour masterclass with me on Wednesday 24th August from 6pm & 26th August from 10am at Sydney's Coco Republic Design School.

BOOK NOW for the above talks... limited spaces.

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  1. All great news!! Congratulations again for everything :-)

  2. oh great