Natures Bowl - Made from Flour?

Question: When you add flour, water and spices and then bake it what do you get?
Answer: A bowl!

Eindhoven-based Italian duo FormaFantasma launch an exquisite series of tableware and lamps made from flour coloured with natural pigments derived from dried spices and vegetables, and brooms crafted from grain stalks and tops.

If you want the proper ingredients to make your own at home it is 70% flour, 20% shredded dried agricultural waste (like grain stalks and leaves) and 10% natural limestone. They don't say this but I think you should be adding egg?

“'Autarky' pays homage to the uncomplicated, the simple and the everyday," explain the designers. "The collection suggests an alternative way of producing goods where inherited knowledge is used to find sustainable and uncomplicated solutions." Something I touched on last week in the post about Design Before Fashion.


  1. How neat! And pretty too. But how do you wash it? I'm guessing these pieces aren't dish washer safe... :)

  2. Hmmm good point! Perhaps wash by hand as they are meant to be eco friendly?!>

  3. Maybe they are glazed on the inside...