I Don't Know You But I'm Trying To Help

"I've spent ten of the past twenty months in Alaska, living and working at the non-profit Musk Ox Farm," shares photographer Nicholas Hance McElroy.
"The farm's project sits at a unique junction between gentle, region-appropriate agricultural practices, support for native peoples of the far North and the ongoing process of domesticating a survivor of the last ice age," he continues to explain. 
 "Musk oxen are born, raised and dearly cared for at the farm, both to educate the public about a highly adapted, and once nearly extinct arctic ungulate and for the perennial harvest of their valuable underhair (called qiviut). Qiviut is combed from the animals each spring, spun in yarn and knitted into garments by Alaska native knitters".  
 "There aren't many things that I choose to stand on a soapbox about, but this is one of them. Please take the time to get involved with the project however you're able - volunteer your talents or time, visit the farm, become a friend, fan or donor".
"Even the smallest contributions make an appreciable difference in the farm's wellbeing and help to guarantee the continued survival of one of the places most dear to my heart". 
 All of the wonderful pictures have been taken by Nicholas. If you want to check out more about the Ox Farm visit here and if you want to be wowed by more pictures visit here.

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