Simple Pleasures

 Photographs by Cindy Loughridge
When I stumbled upon Cindy Loughridge's photographs dedicated to her window ledge it reminded me to open my eyes more. Cindy has captured moments throughout the day to one little spot in her home that many of us would overlook. Including myself lately. It really doesn't matter how much money you have, if you're a homeowner, renting or still at home with the parents we can all find inspiring ideas within our space. Inspiration can come from the sun shining through your kitchen window, your pet running under your feet, your child’s mucky handprint on a light switch and even your shoes scattered across the floor. It's up to us though to stop and capture this moment. I will never forget when I went to Sir Terence Conran's house and while we were in his exquisite family kitchen he grabbed a garlic bulb from a bowl and sniffed it then stretched his arm up and examined it like a precious rock. He then went onto say "Isn't it beautiful, look at the colours: discovering beautiful objects like this each day is what keeps me going". I really did have a shitty year last year but this year I am taking back control and being proud in who I am. I really do think more of us need to slowdown. Instead of churning stuff out we need to use our personal space to help us carefully consider the new project, the new idea, the next steps. If we take in more of our surroundings and listen to ourselves more I believe this is when your soul, creativity and your talents will shine out even more. If Sir Terence can take a moment to enjoy life's simple pleasures - then so can we.  Cindy has a gorgeous blog here go and say hi.


  1. Very inspiring,

  2. Lovely post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Words to live by... tIO x

  4. Wow, I never knew such creativity can take place on a window sill! This is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing =)

  5. i love that post! die Fotos und deine Worte sind schön ...

  6. OMG, I love the first image!

    Wishing you a beautiful love filled year with much success!