Drew-O-Rama In The House

All pictures by Drew over on his blog Drew-O-Rama and items to purchase at Kitsch Cafe

Girls and boys I think we should grab a little piece of Drew's life and put it into our own. I'm not talking about his fantastic style! I'm talking about reuse, repaint, reinterpret, revive, redeploy, or simply relish the things you have. As Ms Ilse Crawford says, "The idea that we can dispose of things easily weakens our links with the stuff we own. We need to commit to the objects that are partners in life - our tools and our treasures". Let 2010 be about revamping, reupholstering, rejiging. If you do offload, find a way to recycle or redistribute. Someone will love what you have tired of.


  1. Interesting style. Not exactly what I would like but I empathize with him on many other levels - sweet tooth, Paris, and a love for knitting... Sabine x

  2. Drew seems like an awesome guy with great taste - thanks for sharing! Since I moved back to DC from NYC in September, I've been picking up curbside furniture left and right. Now that its the new year... need to finally take the time to fix it up!

  3. wow...I love it!
    so bright and happy!

  4. the letter A looks great - i am a big fan from letters & have a lot at my home... so it is natural i love that pic!!!

    xxx yours german soisses