All Stitched Up

I had a lovely message in my inbox the other day from young British Illustrator Peter Crawley with a link to his website asking me to have a look. Talk about knowing how to put a smile on my face. Peter has moved way beyond using needle and thread to sort out a hemline for a new outfit.

He discovered his talent after a road trip across America. Not being able to select just one photograph to capture the essence of the trip, it became obvious for Peter it was the journey itself that should somehow be illustrated. Yep he stitched a road map detailing his journey. He soon developed his talent to architectural buildings. For information on how to purchase or commission pieces, get in touch here


  1. these are awesome! and that picture...is just putrid and so special at the same time.

  2. wow...pretty cool.
    a stitched road trip map...thats awesome!

  3. whoa so neat...that is truly a piece of art! beautiful blog.

  4. Amanda..I love this post..what a talented young man. Thanks for stopping by my blog..please do come visit again. Anna x