Think Big

There is so many of us right now sitting in our office at home working hard trying to make our dreams, our ideas and ambitions come true. Sometimes though it can feel very lonely, tough and sometimes dare I say it the world just feels like it's against us.

Well I was waiting for a tube today in London after finishing a very long meeting with Thames Hudson wondering if my book will ever be published. As I looked up I saw an advertising campaign by a British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, that stopped me in my tracks. The slogan was 'It Pays to Think Big'... featureing images of companies who have achieved global success by thinking big. And where did it all happen well look below! Just remember your home, your garage or your garden shed is the heart beat of what you are doing now. Relish the time you have working from home because before you know it you could be in a sky rise glass building playing with your empire.


  1. LOL!! what a wonderful post and a lovely moment of synchronicity for you in the tube station, looking up and seeing that advertising campaign. I believe that there is something else a lot bigger at play in our lives, if we just open up and become aware of it there are signs that crop up everyday and everywhere offering us reassurance and guidance. :))

  2. I really like your post. Really inspiring me.. Read my blog and u'll know it!

  3. wow..thanks encouraging..i definitely know to think big but sometimes forget in the tidal waves of live..working out of my living room but am happy to do so! great post!