Heineken Open Design Explorations Flies SnOOp to Tokyo

When I was offered to go to Tokyo for the Heineken Open Design Explorations I jumped at the chance to go. I was told we would fly to Tokyo and on the same evening we would explore 5 night clubs in one night. OMG! More about this later in the  week. To start off the trip we flew Air France Business Class.
 I was a little bummed by the toiletries bag provided by Air France. Compared to Virgin and BA it lacked in generosity.  I thought the earplugs provided were to help block out nearby snorers but it turned out the electronic chairs were louder than the jet engines. 
The colour palette and graphics had a real seventies chic about them
The French are masters in elegance when it comes to  design.  The storage is understated but reeks of sophistication
 What can I say a ten hour flight gets to all of us. And there really isn't anything more delightful than a hot towel on your face during a long haul flight.
What was really fabulous about Air France was their entertainment system. As a passenger you can opt to watch the plane take off and land.
 But the best part was the social media channel where you can chat to other passengers on the plane. I made friends with Robin and Andy.
I adore the blocked blue on the uniforms of the Tokyo airport workers. LOVE.

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