Hello From Australia

Hi SnOOpers! I'm so sorry for being away from SnOOp for so long. I am in Australia for work at the moment and preparing for my wedding (eek). BUT I have AMAZING news to share with you all very soon. I'm bursting with excitement but I can't tell you just yet but the minute I can you guys are going to be the very first to know. 

Please keep checking in I should be up and running again within the week. Meanwhile check out the new catalogue from Rice 


  1. Oh wow - congratulations on the wedding! Hope you arent working too hard in Oz - and that the weather is nice??

    Cant wait to hear your exciting news!

    Rachie xo

  2. i think this is my first time on your blog, and i am so happy to have found you. this is a lovely place to be!

  3. I've been watching for posts-- now I'm giddy with anticipation for all your news!

  4. Saw the pics of your wedding on Facebook, congratulations!! Are you going to stay there? We may end up in sydney in a few years too