"I am a Parisian Lady" by Baudouin

The “I am a Parisian Lady” concept by French photographer Baudouin captures Parisian Ladies at home in the middle of their daily life. Baudouin embraces what we have always loved here at SnOOp - having a sneak peek at everyday, creative people who love their home. 
Manon, stylist; Carine, scriptwriter; Fifi, designer; Amelie, dancer
Chantale, scenarist
Laura Camille, fashion journalist; Julie Gayet, actress; Vyva, painter; Pauline, student
Vanessa, designer
Lili, student;Peri, journalist; Romane, student; Soledad, illustrator
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  1. wow - i love the pics. especially the last one! GREAT homes...

  2. Love me a snoop too. Ah Paris...