What Happened This Weekend

"This weekend I got up late" shares interiors journalist Kate Jacobs owner of the newest and most gorgeous location house in London. Check it out here
 "My parents told me they want to remove our vintage wallpaper from our wall. With winter coming this is my one escape to dream of sunny places. We have taken family photos in front of this wall since I can remember. I will be spending the rest of the week trying to convince them to keep it" says Alexey Lapin
"I'm looking for a swimming teacher (wouldn't say a coach) in Hawaii, Maui, just in case, I do float and swim on my back but can't breathe and also looking for a room to rent for about 3 months. cheers yeah. Aloha" says artist Hasisi Park
"My girlfriend has a really, really bad hangover. She believes putting refrigerated eggs on her temples helps to soothe the pain", says Davey Warren
 "I made a tooth of clay. I think I will make more, maybe a whole set. I have a thing for bodies right now. I also got drunk, but that's not such a pretty sight" says freelance photographer Sannah Kvist.
  "With a stuffy nose and sore throat, the weekend consisted of feeling very uncomfortable on this couch- probably making this girl feel more uneasy than I could have felt myself," says photographer Dimitri Karakostas.

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  1. Gee...Kate has a gorgeous home!