Virtual Farmers Market

Is this our future in how we do our food shopping? Probably. Buying our weekly food shop online is becoming the norm but how about virtually walking the isle's and having the opportunity to meet the producers of the product you put in your shopping basket. Well here at Virtual Farmers Market this is exactly what you do. Use your keypad to walk around the market
The Virtual Farmer's Market is the brainchild of Marcus Carter who came up with the concept whilst working on his market stall at the Partridges Farmer's Market (Sloane Sq end of the Kings Road, London) one Saturday morning. He wanted to share the farmer's market experience with more people so they too could share his passion for exquisitely produced artisan food & drink.
Seeing the face behind the food has never been more important, and the Virtual Farmer's Market allows shoppers to 'meet' the producer via video streams on the website.
At the Virtual Farmer's Market They're all about topping up your regular shop with gorgeous treats to eat that you simply won't find on the supermarket shelves.
When you have made your choice you are sent to the checkout to purchase your weekly shop. Click here and give it a go. I would love to know what you think 

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  1. I like farmer market as you can keep in touch with farmers!