Time For Bed

It's not always easy to get our daily dose of sleep but taking bedding seriously can help. I don't think there is anything better than heavily textured white linen that will last you for years. One of the most enjoyable sleeps I've ever had was when visiting Santa Monica's luxury Viceroy Hotel wrapped up in their designer Italian sheets. So soft, cool and luxurious on the skin.

All pictures by Ms Lotte

These days, consumers think the higher the thread count the better the sheet. Thread count can be virtually meaningless, because some manufacturers do tricks like use two-ply yarn to up the count of threads per square inch, and the feel of a sheet depends on other factors such as the materials used to make it. Make sure before you buy to rub the corner of the sheet against your cheek to test which linen feels the most soothing.

The long term consequences of too little sleep include obesity, memory loss and lower IQ. There's been a lot of bravado about doing without sleep - all that extra work and partying you can do. But after looking at these pictures by Lotte why would you want to?


  1. white sheets...in fact white bedroom full stop...BLISS! :))

  2. i could not agree more! I think sleep is absolutely essential to feeling good, and I spend a lot of time making my sleep atmosphere as conducive to a full eight hours as I can get! I'll have to look into these sheets. Beautiful shots, by the way!